Recruitment | Fall 2017

Our recruitment theme for Fall 2017 was The Wizard of Oz. We had a speed dating event where the potential new members got to meet the “munchkins” (the sisters), a trivia night, and a Wizard of Oz themed quest around campus. We also got to show our creative side by painting wooden dolphins. We had a few casual events, like a pajama party, where the candidates got to just socialize with the sisters. Our final event was an exclusive social night where potential new members and sisters had a final chance to get to know each sister a little more individually with plenty of candy, foods, and drinks, oh my! Through these events, the potential new members got to know more about the sisters, as well as the values and objectives of Alpha Omega Epsilon. Marking off the end of the recruitment period was the Pinning Ceremony where our chapter invited 15 new candidates to the Iota class!

Special thank you to Stephanie Liebel and her committee for such an amazing recruitment season!

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